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We always improve our machines' functions and aim to manufacture machines which can produce high value-added products, have high stability and good operational, user-friendly system.


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About blanking machine

Machines which blank and cut materials such as paper goods, films, felt, fabrics, rubber, foamed-material (sponge), plywoods, resin plates, non-woven fabrics and foils except for metal material.
Including Full-cut work, Half-cut work, progressive blanking work and CO2 laser blanking machines.

Industrial product items (Example)

  Industrial fields Product items Materials
Electric appliances Air-conditioning Insulating sheets, Sound-proof products,
Anti-condensation packings
Rubber, PU-rubber
Acoustic Sound-absorbing products, Sound-
proof products, Vibration-proof products
Rubber, Felt, Glass wool
Image & Displays Light-proof films, Diffusion films PET, Acrylic, PVC
Communications Insulation products for telephones
(Handy phones & PHS)
PET, Aluminum foil, Copper foil, Adhesive tapes
Plates Printed name plates, Displays Paper, PET, Adhesive tapes
Circuits Flexible printed circuits(FPC) PET, Polyamide, Copper foil
Automobiles Interior parts Seats Felt, Fabrics
Sound-proof products, Sound-insulation
products, Anti-vibration products
Rubber, PU-foam
Ceiling sheets, Reinforcement,
Sound-absorbing products
PVC sheets, Various plastic sheets
Auto parts Engine gaskets, etc. Metal, Glass fiber, Joint sheets
Other component parts Paint masking films Masking tapes
Air-bag parts Coated nylon woven fabrics
Precision parts Cameras Light-proof products, Various shields Special foam, Rubber, Metallic foil, PET, Felt
FPC Copper foil, PVC, PET, Alminum foil, Adhesive tapes
Other various camera parts PVC, Paper, Molded materials
OA equipment/
Packing, Polarized film products,
Light diffusion sheets
Various tapes, Rubber, Foam materials
Packaging Product packaging Packaging products Paper, Cardboard, Films
Shock-absorbing products, Inner
packaging products
PE-foam, PP-foam
Reinforcements Plastic plates, Veneer
Blister packs PET, PVC, PP, Polycarbonate
Molded trays Vacuum-molded materials (PVC, PE, PET)
Others Paper goods, Print products(Labels, Envelops, etc.), Packaging products (Cartons, Packaging films, etc.),
House-wares (Mats, Brushes, etc.), Hats, Bedding, Filter products, Medical products