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FAQs about blanking machine

About Die

What kinds of Dies are there?
There are several Dies and they are used according to thickness, material and blanking precision of materials respectively.
Dies are:
- Thomson Die, embedded blades in a plywood
- Pinaccle Die, processed by etching and NC machining
- Engraved Die, shaped and engraved by NC machining
Does SAKAMOTO ZOKI make Die?
Dies are made by Die manufacturer. Howwever we would be glad to advise you about making a prototype when introducing a new machine, basically please consult with Die manufacturer.
How long is a Die service life?
The service life differs from the kinds of Dies and blanking materials. Also the service life varies from required quality of the blanked cross section. Please ask us about the details.
How much of mechanical applied pressure does it need to blank products?
Generally, it needs more than 5 tons per 1 meter of total blade length of the Die, depending on the material and thickness.

About maintenance

What kind of maintenance does it require on the machine?

Basically, we recommend efficient lubrication on the machine driving section and height adjustment section, and grease on the necessary points per 1 year. Also it is necessary to exchange batteries per 2 years on a machine with numerically controlled system.

How should we exchange batteries?
It needs to exchange batteries on a machine with numerically controlled system per 2 years, in order to save data on origin points etc.
Is it possible to ask SAKAMOTO ZOKI machine maintenance works?

We are delighted to make a contract for a regular check with you. Also it is possible for us to spot check at a necessary point in time.

About blanking machine with automatic positioning system

How does the machine with automatic positioning system work?
The machine can work for positioning blanking on printings and composite works which need blanking more than 2 times.
How much is the positioning accuracy?

It is possible to positioning blank with Min. plus/minus 30 micro mm, depending on the material dimension and printing mark accuracy. Please ask us the details based on material and product information.

Please inform us about positioning marks.
Basically, a contrasted and stable-figured round mark whose diameter is about 2mm is suitable for positioning, however, both a part of printing and a trace of Die are also possible. If the marks are visible for human, it would be possible to distinguish by means of lighting technique etc. Please ask us in that case.
How fast is the productivity speed about the positioning blanking?
It is possible to blank with Max. 200 shots per minuite (S.P.M.) in the case of blanking with one-by-one positioning. The speed is different from the material figure, dimension and the camera setting. Please ask us about the details.


How long is the machine delivery time?
Normally it takes about 3 months on our standard machines. In relation to machines for special aims, it takes 3 to 5 months after receiving your order and determining specification.
Is it possible to change or stop blanking speed at the time of blanking materials?

We developed a servo-controlled machine in April 2001 and the machine is capable of installing speed reducing and stopping functions at the bottom dead point. The machine is able to operate as to your demand.

We are wondering which machine is suitable for our process as many types of machines SAKAMOTO ZOKI haveā€¦

Basically, a crank system is suitable for blanking products including half-cutting with a certain extent of power, and a hydraulic system is for full-cutting large or thick materials. A servo-controlled system is suitable for blanking with speed reducing at the bottom dead point and usage in a clean room.