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Support System

About Maintenance

Company policy

We have a high level of technical capability and many years of experience and achievements,
We have built a maintenance system to provide services that satisfy our customers.

In order to use the equipment you have requested in the best possible condition,
We have a system that we can respond quickly and accurately.

Our after-sales servicing department is glad to support our customers
mainly for the below services:
  • For new delivery machine we will free inspection one year later.
  • Maintenance service on troubles occurred on already installed machines (Immediate action)
  • Carry out a regular check service (more than 1 to 2 times per year) on already installed machines (Limited to user with maintenance contract).
  • Necessary maintenance works expected to occur in future on already installed machines.
  • Maintenance on main wearout parts (e.g. clutchbrake, contacts on electric parts, exchange work on lubricants) and response attendant on information (e.g. out of productivity and replacement supplies) from suppliers about servomotors etc.
  • Transfer machine, modify machine, supply wearout parts, and offer information about our new machine and optional equipments etc.


FAQs about blanking machine
Please refer to the FAQs if you have questions.


Machine trouble diagnosis

Please use this diagnosis form if you need our immediate response.
We will reply you within 2 business days.