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Product Lineup

Product Lineup

Automatic transferring device and option units

Articulated robot system
  • It is common to use the same robot to set the material and collect the product.
  • The operation can be easily changed by the robot manual teaching.
  • Depending on the size of the robot, the payload (including the adsorption part) and the operating range will change.
  • It is necessary to take safety measures not only in the operating range but also in the maximum operating range of the robot.
Cartesian transferring system
  • original design, we can make a transferring device according to your request.
  • Since it can be designed according to the weight of theadsorption part, it can be used for large materials.
  • Not only the adsorption pad, also our own suction device can be used, so it is also possible to transport breathable materials.
  • We can design automation for your request, such as product(refuse separation/emission mechanism)
 Articulated robot system
 Cartesian transferring system
 Articulated robot system with double sides
 Large transferring system with storage shelves

Material Unwinding device
  • We propose an optimal holding method such as an air shaft method or a centerless chuck according to the shape of the roll material.
  • We have also created an EPC (edge control) device to correct the meandering when unwinding the material.
  • It is also possible to control the unwinding of stretchable materials with free loop method.
 Waste Separate winding device
  • It is a device that separates unnecessary refuse after blanking and winds them up.
  • For the separation of product and refuse, we can suggest separation rollers, knife edges, etc.
  • For adhesive residue, we recommend using a non-adhesive roller.
  • You may also use a dancer roll to clean up the refuse.
 Product winding device
  • It is product after blanking processing can be widing into a roll.
  • EPC (edge control) device can be used to align the winding edges.
  • We recommend using dancer roll to maintain a constant winding tension.
 Product Loading device
  • Blanking processed product from the roll Material ,can be transport and loading in sheet form(sheet).
  • It is also possible to add a sheet cutter and divide and convey each time it is processed multiple times.
  • You can also add a device that aligns the edges of loading .
 Material Unwinding device(Meandering correction device with dancer roll)
 Waste Separate winding device( with dancer roll)
 Product winding device(with Meandering correction device )
 Product Loading device