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Product Lineup

Laser blanking machine

Establish new cutting technology by integrated the latest laser oscillator and original control technology Laser blanking machine LC320

  • High-speed and minute blanking work by galvanized mirror system
  • Capable of adjustment 1/100mm of focus distance
  • Capable of peeling glue smoothly and applicable for cutting fibers
  • Non-dust from cutting side
  • Blanking soft materials (film and adhesive material), e.g. insulated film
  • Blanking new material and composite material, e.g. composite laminating material (soft material)
  • Post-processing, prevention re-adhesion and separation
  • Minute blanking, especially materials with a large number of small holes, e.g. medical tapes
  • Hard and brittle material, e.g. ceramics, honeycomb material
Cutting area (mm) 300×200
Output(W) 50
Output range (W) 5 - 50
Laser length (micro mm) 10.6
Laser type Enclosed CO2forced cooling type