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Corporate history

Corporate Milestone

Sep., 1951 Initiation by Yoshio Sakamoto, father of present President, as Sakamoto Iron Works in Ikuno-Ku, Osaka.
Started manufacture of print-industrial shearing and presses.
Mar., 1957 Incorporation of Sakamoto Zoki Co., Ltd. from Sakamoto Iron Works.
Yoshio Sakamoto appointed President.
Aug., 1963 Plant transferred to near the former plant for production expansion.
Mar., 1982 Tokyo Sales Office set up in Taitoh-Ku, Tokyo.
Sep., 1983 Osaka Imazato Sales Office set up.
Mar., 1990 Tokyo sales office transferred to newly constructed office, Soka City, Saitama Pref. for sales activity expansion.
Jun., 1995 Haruki Sakamoto, the eldest son of Yoshio Sakamoto, inaugurated as President in the second generation.
Yoshio Sakamoto took office as Director and Chairman.
Sep., 1998 Plant recognized as "Good Plant" of in-house and neighborhood environment by Osaka Municipal Bureau.
Oct., 2000 Acquired Accreditation of ISO 9001 ('94 version).
May, 2002 Acquired UFJ Venture Business Development Finance for development of CO2 laser cutting machine.
Nov., 2002 Acquired accreditation of ISO 9001 ('00 version).
Feb., 2003 Flotation of debentures through municipal treasury.
Mar., 2003 Set up Shanghai Liaison Office.
Nov., 2003 Haruki Sakamoto took office as Director and Chairman.
Susumu Sakamoto appointed President.
Feb., 2005 Head Office and Factory transferred to Techno-stage, Izumi City, Osaka Pref.
Sep., 2005

Received a capital increase of JPY 20,000,000 from Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd (SBIC West Japan).

Dec., 2008 Awarded a prize "OSAKA Monodzukuri Spirits (Excellent Company of OSAKA)" by Osaka prefectural government.
Jun., 2009 Awarded a prize "In 300 companies(Genkina Monodzukuri Small Company Spirits)" by Ministry of Economy.
Oct., 2011 Set up Bangkok Office.
Sep., 2012 Set up Shanghai Office.
Mar., 2013 Susumu Sakamoto took office as Director and Chairman. Takashi Sakamoto appointed President.